What is Child Abuse?

This is the post excerpt.

Physical abuse

  • beating
  • shaking
  • administration of alcohol and/or illicit drugs
  • attempted suffocation or excessive discipline
  • physical punishment.

It does not include accidental injury.

Emotional and psychological abuse

The sustained, repetitive and ongoing maltreatment by a parent/carer or person in authority of a child through behaviors including:

  • threatening
  • belittling
  • teasing
  • humiliating
  • bullying
  • neglecting
  • ignoring
  • isolating
  • misleading
  • encouragement to engage in inappropriate behavior.

Sexual abuse

Any type of sexual behavior involving a child where:

  • the child is the subject of bribery, coercion, a threat, exploitation or violence
  • the child has less power than another person involved in the behavior
  • there is a significant disparity in the developmental function or maturity of the child and another person involved in the behavior
  • it includes sexual penetration
  • encouraging a child to perform indecent acts such as touching genitals,   penis/digital penetration or oral sex
  • inappropriate touching
  • exposure to sexual acts or pornographic materials AND/OR
  • using electronic means to procure or expose a child to indecent material.


The intentional failure by a parent/carer to:

  • provide, arrange, or allow the provision of adequate care, effective medical, therapeutic or remedial treatment.
  • It also includes:
  • abandonment
  • failing to provide adequate food, shelter and care AND/OR
  • supervision to a severe and/or persistent extent.